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A taste of INSOMNIA:

It's been four years since I slept, and I suspect it is killing me.

Instead of sleeping, Parker Chipp enters the dream of the last person he's had eye contact with. He spends his nights crushed by other people's fear and pain, by their disturbing secrets--and Parker can never have dreams of his own. The severe exhaustion is crippling him. If nothing changes, Parker could soon be facing psychosis and even death.

Then he meets Mia. Her dreams, calm and beautifully uncomplicated, allow him blissful rest that is utterly addictive. Parker starts going to bizarre lengths to catch Mia's eye every day. Everyone at school thinks he's gone over the edge, even his best friend. And when Mia is threatened by a true stalker, everyone thinks it's Parker.

Suffering blackouts, Parker begins to wonder if he is turning into someone dangerous. What if the monster stalking Mia is him after all?

Cool People Say Nice Things about The Night Walkers:

Insomnia is the perfect blend of everything I love in a story. Suspense, twists, characters with many levels that make me wonder just how good or just how bad they really are. I highly recommend this book to everyone and I hope a sequel comes soon!"
--JAMES DASHNER, author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling 
Maze Runner series

"Cleverly written and dangerously dark, Insomnia will take you to the brink of insanity. A must read for thriller and romance fans alike."
--ELANA JOHNSON, author of Possession

"Completely unputdownable. I've decided to nickname Johansson 'Scary McScarypants,' because she spooked me in all the best ways. Who do I have to bribe to get book two now?!"
--CARRIE HARRIS, author of Bad Taste in Boys

"This book plunges you into the waking nightmare of one extraordinary insomniac's life. A riveting story of terror and despair that will keep you up long past your bedtime."
--JENNIFER BOSWORTH, author of Struck

Professional Trade Reviews for INSOMNIA:

"As the first book of a new series, Insomnia sets the stage for continuous action and suspense. The main characters are well defined and fully fleshed out. Parker's inner thoughts and his battles with his own demons, as well as outside forces, are vivid and add to the story. Plot twists abound, and when Parker thinks it could not get worse, he invariably finds he is wrong. Descriptive and violent confrontations, as well as a graphic assault and death at the end of the book, make it appropriate for older readers. Readers who enjoy psychological thrillers will love Insomnia and will not be able to wait for the second installment." --VOYA

"This thriller embraces every conflict imaginable with horrifying results, whether Parker is battling his own good and evil halves, his friends and reputation, or an unseen foe. Insomnia is a suspenseful mystery not entirely resolved at the end, leaving readers biting their nails while waiting for the sequel." --School Library Journal

"Johansson, writing from Parker's point of view, scatters clues and red herrings about. Parker's plight will convince readers, although they will not know if he's innocent or psychotic until the final pages. The ending sets up the sequel in what promises to be an interesting new series.
The premise combines with the tension resulting from Parker's psychological quandary to keep pulses pounding." --
Kirkus Reviews

"The deeper a reader delves into Insomnia, the more sleep-deprived she might feel. Such is the intensity that comes from this chase of cruel misunderstanding and the memory of fulfilled need. It not so much a recounting of insomnia as it is of insanity and addiction. Combined with a sad and compassionate friendship among the main character and his two best friends, Insomnia finds the balance that every human life, no matter how damaged, contains. Fans of David Levithan's Every Day, will be anxious to uncover the outcome of this first book in a new series. ." --VOYA (Teen Reviewer)

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A taste of PARANOIA:

In the aftermath of the events that nearly killed him, Parker Chipp is trying to learn to cope better with life as a Watcher. And it seems to be working...until he wakes up in jail with a hangover and 12 hours of missing time. Darkness has somehow taken control and Parker doesn't have a clue how to stop him. He finds an unlikely ally in Jack, the mysterious guy in the motorcycle jacket who offers to help Parker master his abilities as a Watcher. But even as they practice, the darkness inside Parker is getting more and more powerful, taking over Parker's body and doing everything he can to destroy Parker's life.

When Jack reveals that there is another kind of Night Walker, known as a Taker, Parker starts to wonder if the strange things happening in Oakville are more than just a coincidence. After all, people are more than just sleepwalking. They're emptying their savings accounts with no memory of doing so, wandering into strange parts of town and disappearing, they're even killing other people--all in their sleep. If Parker wants to find out what's happening or have any hope of seeing his father again, he'll have to defy Jack and put his own life in danger...because the more he learns about these other Night Walkers, the more certain he becomes that his life isn't the only one that could be lost.

Professional Trade Reviews for PARANOIA:

"...The forward momentum and action-filled scenes help to bring readers in. Parker is a well developed, likeable protagonist whose actions and motivations are believable...the highly unique premise and thrilling plot will undoubtedly be enough to entice some readers. Those who are willing to commit to the book will find its conclusion satisfying and will look forward to the next installment in the series." --VOYA

"Parker Chipp faces a new threat in the form of Takers, a new breed of Night Walkers like him, with dark intentions." --School Library Journal

"...A worthy sequel to an imaginative new series." --Kirkus Reviews


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A taste of MANIA:

Jack and his half-brother, Parker, have no time to mourn the loss of their father, Daniel Chipp. With an attack by the body-stealing Takers imminent, the pair must put aside their grief and track down the ingredients of Daniel's formula--one that will rein in the power-hungry Takers--to keep their family and friends out of danger.

Their only hope lies in a puzzle their father left behind, a riddle where each brother unknowingly possesses a piece of the solution. The puzzle sets them on a deadly path, spiraling between reality and the world of dreams where nothing and no one can be trusted entirely. And when Parker finds himself deep in the fray between the Takers and the other Night Walkers, it's up to Jack to complete the formula and save his brother's life.

Professional Trade Reviews for MANIA:

"Johansson has a gift for suspenseful storytelling. This third book of The Night Walkers series is exciting and highly addictive, and the entire series boasts an original plot with compelling, dynamic characters. Readers will appreciate that the writer takes care to craft a convincing mythology as the foundation of the series, which makes for sound installments. The books blur the distinction between reality and fantasy and interrogate the complexities of brotherhood, friendship, duty, and personal identity. There is even a dash of romance for additional intensity. This series will appeal to a wide range of readers who enjoy mystery, romance, suspense, and the paranormal.." --VOYA

"This conclusion to the Night Walkers trilogy turns into a shoot-'em-up without abandoning its original paranormal premise... Johansson takes her time in returning to the paranormal dreaming, but she keeps pages flipping, writing in separate chapters for Parker and Jack to weave together the two plotlines... Less mystery but more action finishes the trilogy. " --Kirkus Reviews

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